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Open 7 activator by Nononsence v1.2.2b
30.12.2009, 22:12
Open 7 activator by Nononsence v1.2.2b

Активатор без лишних хлопот активирует вашу копию Windows 7 и делает её подлинной.

Yeah, new Win7 activation toolkit. Just get yourself Windows 7 releases from GRP or WZT, choose one of the activation methods and you’re good to go. Read instructions first.

---Fixed SLIC detection with help from PAYMYRENT and code from MasterDisaster. (hopefully it works correctly now!)
---Added custom error handling for any JIT events that may occur (although none ever should)...just in case.
---Added code to ensure that the program is run with Administrator privileges. If the program is not run with the required Admin. privileges then the user will be informed and the program will be terminated. (this is to ensure the program runs correctly, even if the manifest is stripped) (thanks to PAYMYRENT for his help here too!)
---Added code to ensure only 1 instance of the program may be invoked at any given time to maintain the the integrity of the program.


ОС / OS: Windows 7
Интерфейс / Interface: English
Размер / Size: 2.6 Mb

O7A_v1.2.2.rar (2.60 MB)

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